Resident Car Parking

There are 170 parking bays in Latymer Court and they are let by formal agreement with the Latymer Court Freehold Company at an annual licence fee.

There is limited availability of parking bays and therefore they are rented on a first come first serve basis. Those interested in a parking bay should contact the Freehold Office, Latymer Court who will provide the current pricing information and availability.

Residents must ensure they display their “permit to park” clearly and should not allow another person to park on their bay unless they display a valid “permit to park”.

A fine will be imposed for parking without a valid permit.

All vehicles parked within Latymer Court are parked at the owner’s risk and the landlord does not accept any liability.

Visitors Car Parking

Once access is cleared by security, visitors and/ or contractors will be allocated a parking bay. They must proceed to the allocated bay and purchase a “Pay and Display” ticket and display this clearly in the front window of their vehicle along with the security pass provided.

“Pay and Display” tickets are available from the Pay and Display Meter adjacent to the security hut at the Rowan Road entrance.

Vehicles not displaying a valid “Pay and Display” ticket will be issued with a penalty fine.

Please note, there are a limited number of Visitors and Contractors parking bays and they are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The bays are available on a 24hr basis and there is no maximum parking period as long as a valid permit is displayed.

All vehicles parking in a visitor’s bay are required to use Pay and Display for the duration of their visit.


All residents who own a motorcycle and wish to park it within Latymer Court, must notify the Freehold Office and register the details of the motorcycle and confirm where it is being parked within Latymer Court. Areas have been allocated for the parking of motorcycles and a fee, payable in advance, will be charged per annum.

All motorcycles within the block, which are not registered, will be removed from the Latymer Court at regular intervals.


All Residents (including children) who own a bicycle and wish to keep it within Latymer Court, must register it with the Estate Office.

All bicycles which have not been registered will be removed and retained for a period of fourteen days at which point they will be disposed of. However where a bicycle is causing a nuisance or obstruction, the landlord reserves the right to remove and dispose without prior warning.

The landlord does not accept liability for any loss or damage in respect of bicycles left at Latymer Court.